Bought a car (and named it Kermit)

In order to have proper adventure potential, I am now the proud new owner of a lime-green Ford Fiesta. His name is Kermit, mostly because it couldn't have been anything else, really. He's not new, but new to me, and not too many miles on him.

For those of you didn't know me in high school or college, I had a red Isuzu Trooper just like this, named Clifford The Big Red Car (after Clifford The Big Red Dog). Clifford was the provider of many excellent adventures up and down the east coast, so Kermit has a tough act to follow.

Here we are, after a wash and a wax in Drinkstone! (And yes, Kermit matches the grass.)


I may need to order one of these needle-felted Kermits from Etsy to sit on the dashboard. This is a car that definitely needs a mascot.

Special thanks to Team Todd in Drinkstone for the car-finding, polish and moral support!


  1. Lovely colour, and ready for an adventure here:

  2. CLIFFORD 4 EVER!!!!

    Kermie, I guess you'll do in the mean time <3

  3. If Clifford were still with us, he would be green with envy. Not just over the color, but also the modern aerodynamic styling, super trendy color, and especially the spectacular gas (petrol to you, Kermit) mileage. As I recall, Clifford was hard pressed to make 18 miles to the gallon, especially with a full load with five people aboard and all your gear from Camp Lochearn, while the AC was on Supercool returning from Vermont during an August heat spell. Kermit is sure to be as well loved as Clifford was, and both a very lucky indeed to have such a wonderful mistress minder.

  4. I honestly love the way you name your cars. When I first read the title, I was 100% sure that Kermit would be a tiny green car, and sure enough, he is. Hahaha! I also find it adorable that they were named after characters from a children's show, because I can totally relate to them. Anyway, Kermit looks amazing. Enjoy driving him around! Take care! :)

    Micheal Miller @ Butler Kia of Fishers

  5. I also recently switched from an SUV to a hatchback. It is a strange switch to make. I felt so scared when driving the hatchback because you seem so much lower than everyone else. I am slowly getting used to it and one thing that I do really like is the efficiency. I rarely have to fill it up much.

    Lonnie @ Viva Chevrolet


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