Knit a pair of green mittens

So, it's not really a word, but I suffer from abibliophobia, or fear of running out of books. Thankfully, my current to-read pile is several inches tall, so that's not a problem.

I also suffer from the as-yet-unnamed fear of running out of things to knit. Suggestions welcome. I think alanamnerephobia is too much of a mouthful. (According to the internets, lanam nere is Latin for knitting.)

So, anyway.

When I was last in NY, I was getting close to finishing the Famous Puffin Sweater (as seen on the amazing Kate Davies' blog), and my mom mentioned that one of her friends had been admiring my knitting and had asked for a pair of mittens.

Oh? Mittens? And we just happen to be in Purl Soho? Don't mind if I do.

Ravelled, here, and will be in the mail shortly! 

I've now cast on a baby sweater for a colleague's new arrival in case any of you were getting worried.


  1. Dude, abibliophobia is a totally valid condition. I think, judging from the size of your 'to read' pile, you are also a fellow bibliomanic.

  2. Kate, your Great Grandmother Hughes had your knitting gene, and obviously passed it on to you. She would sit for hours with Grandpa watching baseball games on TV (Mets and Yankees) and her output was prodigious, consisting of colorful woolen pullover hats, matching wool mittens, wonderful woolen booties for paddling around on cold floors, and both sleeveless and full size heavy wool sweaters. What I would give to have one of them today! They were all wonderful and welcome as Christmas and Birthday presents, but none were as creative or with the pretty designs that yours make. Keep it up!


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