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Baked Sourdough Bread in East London

Our Christmas present to each other this year was a sourdough class at the E5 Bakehouse in East London. I've wanted to learn how to make sourdough for ages, but never had the confidence to try. Charlie makes his own bread, and I make pizza dough, but I was terrified of sourdough. Mostly of killing the starter, actually.

Coffee, bread (of course) and our workstations greeted the 10 of us on the Saturday morning. Note: these classes are EXTREMELY popular so when we booked in December the next available slot was in May!

Ben, our teacher, has been working at E5 since it started, and is not only passionate about sourdough and baking in general, but is an excellent teacher. He explained the science to us, as well as the various factors that can influence the bread (types of flour, water content of the dough, vitality of the starter, etc).
Here I am with what I think is bagel dough (not sure at this point).

Lunch was provided and was exceedingly delicious.

I made bagels. Because BAGELS.

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