Baked Nigel Slater's marmalade cake

Well, the inspiration for this cake came by a rather circuitous route.

Melissa Clarke's column in the NY Times last week featured British Marmalade Cake. She urged her readers to go to the international aisle in their supermarkets to find what she refers to as Good British Marmalade. Uh, ok, I can do that. I didn't do the icing because I was out of icing sugar, but I love that she said to put it on because it "accentuates the marmaladeyness of it." Next person to use that phrase in a sentence wins a prize.

I decided to go back to the source of her inspiration and use Nigel Slater's original recipe. Mostly because I didn't feel like converting American measurements back to British ones.

It was extensively sampled by the sm. boy (who took some home with him) and deemed very tasty. I took it with me to visit a friend in Felixstowe this afternoon, and we pronounced it very delicious (particularly as Melissa Clarke instructs, with a cuppa). I shall execute further testing at teabreak tomorrow and Tuesday mornings, at which point all testing (and cake) will be finished.

I'll definitely be making it again!


  1. Wow, that looks fabulous! Two pieces, please, and another half cup of coffee. Yummmmmy.


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