Took pictures of flowers (and two funny Dutchmen)

My parents sent me these flowers on Saturday. So. Gorgeous. Orange and fuchsia and red are amazing together.

On Sunday, after ringing the Stowmarket bells, I noticed a really pretty truck (yes, I said pretty and truck together) parked in the market square. It turns out that they were delivering flowers, fresh from Holland.

It was full of them, all organised neatly (because the Dutch organise everything neatly).

Right after I took this picture, the two guys below appeared and said, "Hi! What are you taking a picture of?"

"The flowers in your truck! Is that ok?"

"Yes, but you must also take a picture of us!"

"Um, ok."


Thumbs up, chaps. Dank u wel!


  1. A truck to deliver dutch flowers to the local florists in England! Amazing, and so typically Dutch (as you well know!) So glad the colors arrived as bright and cheery as they did. It would be nice if they could deliver some pretty spring flowers to the florists in New Rochelle, who could use the help...PS - you should get the name of the dutch delivery company and email the photos to them! I'll be they even have a Facebook page!


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