Went on a walk to a pub

After weeks and weeks and weeks of rain and wind and storms and dismal weather, we finally had a sunny day. My friend and I went on a gorgeous walk through Ixworth and Pakenham, and ended with a pub lunch. We had intended to have a snack (baked camembert, anyone?), but apparently on Sundays the Pykkerell only does a set Sunday lunch menu. Poor us! We did somewhat undo the good work from our walk, but it was thoroughly enjoyable.

The Pakenham water mill:

Some non-native wildlife (with the natives in the background):

Birds on posts:

The views from the bird hide:

And lunch. Yumsters.

I have to say, the country walk followed by lunch in a pub is a rather excellent British institution.


  1. Yummy! I would have gone for the fish and chips, but a good Ploughman's and a (cold, please) pint of Bass Ale, then a nap. What could be better. I remember visiting the Watermill and seeing the insides; it must be ready to grind lots of grain, given the rain you have had, and the height of the water in the pond. Very cool. Was the wildlife by the stream someone's topiary? (Not sure alligators would be in their element in Suffolk...)


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