Made banana bread and brownies

The weather today was supposed to be stormy and horrible so I planned a day in to just chill. I felt like baking so I defrosted some frozen ripe bananas, and made the Primrose Bakery's chocolate chip banana bread. It took forever in the oven (maybe the bananas were still a little too cold?) but was otherwise a roaring success.

See? Yummy.

And apparently I wasn't I made Smitten Kitchen's favorite brownies for the eleventy-zillionth time. I should really memorise the recipe. Oh, and I added chocolate chunks because that's how I roll.

Now to get down to some serious eating! I've recruited some helpers and any leftovers will be coming to work on Monday.

The weather has turned out to be unexpectedly sunny (although still very windy), so I think it's time for a walk to work off some of the brownie that will be going down the hatch tonight.


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