Took the geekling on a London adventure

It was decided that the geekling and I would go to London for a Grand Day Out. I had hoped to go on a Harry Potter walking tour but it wasn't running the day we went and the geekling wasn't terribly excited about it. There'll be other trips.

Instead, we embarked on an epic adventure day. The boy wanted to visit the Science Museum, and I hadn't been in yonks, so we headed over to Kensington. It was pretty busy, but good. Some of the exhibits are the same as they were when I was a kid - they could use some updating, I think.

There was a very small exhibit about 3D printing:

We passed up the opportunity for some very institutional-smelling food (think hospitals and school dinners), and instead headed over to Joy King Lau in Chinatown. Yumsters. Roast pork buns, how I love thee. The table next to us had half a crispy duck with pancakes and it looked amazing. Definitely doing that next time.

I loved all the garlands for Chinese New Year against the dark wintry sky.

At the geekling's request, we visited the M & M store. So OVERPRICED. But organised neatly.

And then the British Museum.

I will never get tired of pictures of this roof.

I loved this carving - it cries out to be a knitting pattern.

And then our feet hurt and we were tired so we decided not to stay in town and wait for dinnertime and Pho, so we hopped on a train back to the sticks!

A grand day out was had by all.

I also read Wonder on the train there and back, and really enjoyed it.


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