Made Christmas Stocking Bunting

A few weeks ago, I spotted this felt stocking bunting on Etsy. I've bought plenty of things on Etsy, but I only let myself buy something in the "I could make that" category if my next sentence is "But I won't."

I didn't love the shape of the stockings, and I already had some of the felt, so I picked up 3 meters (one spool) of cream and red "Merry Christmas" ribbon (from East Of India) at Blackthorpe Barn. I also bought three small pieces of felt at the craft store in Bury - plain red, plain green, and dark green with sparkles. Mmm...sparkles. 

Ahem. I already had the lime green and grey felt from a previous crafting adventure.

I did a google image search for a Christmas stocking silhouette, and found this one that had a shape I liked and a straight line across the top. I resized it in Word (just the image) until it was about 6cm across the top.

I traced around my template (backwards!) on the back of the felt with a ballpoint pen. It worked pretty well, except on the dark green, which was really hard to see.

You know you love the tiny green sparkly Christmas stocking.

I cut out three of each colour, then played around until I found an order I liked. 

I had originally thought I would thread the ribbon through slots in the stockings, but then changed my mind. I used the "Merry Christmas" on the ribbon to make sure my spacing was even, and sewed the stockings to the ribbon by hand, leaving a little bit of the stocking peeking out at the top.

(This task was much improved by singing along to Benjamin Britten's Ceremony of Carols and the Sesame Street Christmas album.)

I tied the stitching in a knot at the back and tucked the ends in.

Here it is, in progress:

And all finished and hung up! 


  1. Industrious, pretty and informative: apply adjectives to nouns as you see fit. :)

    (Slightly confused by second sentence which seemed the wrong way round to me, but I may have ducked to miss the bunting and missed the subtle humour.

    1. I think it's the right way round...I've not bought it because I thought I could make it, and knew that I would.

      (Also, I've added a "like" button for you! :)

    2. Ah, I'm with you now - couldn't understand why you would buy something you knew you weren't going to make.


  2. BTW, is there anything you can do to move your blog onto GMT rather than PST (or is it just me?)

    1. Fixed! (Not sure why it was doing that...)


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