Listened to Podcasts

I listen to podcasts in the car, when running, and at work while keying orders (it's mindless and it helps me focus).

Current favourites:

(That would be me and the rest of the known universe then, although I am smug about the fact that I started listening way back when the first episode was broadcast on the TAL podcast. I think Jay did it.)

This American Life
(I <3 Ira Glass. That's all.)

(Whose greatest moment ever remains the fact that they brought this video to my attention. I will never think about Cheez Doodles in the same way again)

(SO interesting...and I'm considering it pre-MBA Entrepreneurship homework.)

Pop Culture Happy Hour
(Responsible for most of the uncontrollable giggle-fits that engulf me in the office, and for the bulk of my media consumption.)

Yes, I'm an unashamed NPR fiend. Happy listening!


  1. If you fancy a change of pace, The Life Scientific ( is usually good - some very interesting people.


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