Added more Christmas decorations

I am deep into the Great Christmas Decoration Replenishment of 2014.

I absolutely could not resist the Playmobil nativity set. Hokey? Yes. Silly? Yes. Excellent? Definitely.

Also, it has a little lantern that lights up. And a tiny angel with wings and a halo. Shut up.

I'm considering this my Christmas Miracle. In December 2007 (I looked it up on my old blog) we went to a Kate Rusby Christmas concert in Norwich and bought a set of KR Christmas baubles.

They were part of the Lost Decorations this year, which was making me really sad. I checked Ebay, KR's website, and various other corners of the internet to see if there were any left, anywhere. No luck. So, as a last resort, I emailed her record company to inquire if they had even one solitary ornament that they could sell to me. And then, someone named Joy (seriously, can't make this up) emailed back and said that yes, they did have one slightly dented set that they had been hanging on to but thought they should send to me. And here they are. I was SO happy when they arrived. I think they might have been samples or something, as they're slightly different to the set I originally had. The story is much better with these, though!

This happy snowdude snowglobe was a gift from my friend Leanne, along with a new ornament for my Festive Branch. Hi snowdudes!

Here's my nanoblock Santa (SO much fun to put together):

And a nanoblock snowman with Christmas tree:

This Reindeer Dude has bells on his collar that really ring. He looks rather pleased with himself, I think.

A very sweet, sleepy felted angel:

And now for some ornaments that were stored separately and thus survived. HOORAY! The Del's Truck, from good old Warren, RI:

And a lighthouse from Alexandria Bay, NY, where my college roommate got married last year:

I'm going to need a bigger branch next year - I'm running out of room!


  1. Love all the decorations but especially the Kate Rusby ones :)


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