Wrote a letter to my flat

Dear Flat,

Thank you. You were right there waiting for me when I needed to move out of the house that my now-ex husband and I owned. You were bright and welcoming on the grey rainy February day that I visited you for the first time. Your owner, my landlord, is really helpful and an all-around nice guy.

You kept my stuff safe while I travelled the world.

You've hosted lots of my friends and family.

But I couldn't live here forever. The neighbours are noisy at random times of the day (although much better than the previous lot). People smoke right outside my window (ugh). The toilet has never flushed properly, and the gas rings on the hob have two settings: blast-furnace and off. There is a time and a place for linoleum.

I'm buying a really cute house on the other side of Bury St Edmunds and will be moving in soon (hopefully).

You won't be lonely for long - the new tenant is coming the day after I leave (hence my early departure).

I hope you take care of him as well as you took care of me.

Thanks again.


P.S. Why is there is a tv point in the bedroom closet? I will never know.