Went to Japan, Part 1: Kobe

As part of the Cranfield MBA, I went on a two-week trip to Japan. The first week was in Kobe, the weekend was spent in Tokyo, and then the second week was in Osaka.


I'll have a roundup post, but wanted to go focus on each city to start with. We landed in Kobe on Saturday morning after a short day and a short night (and 13 hours of flying). We showered, changed, and powered through!

First meal in Japan: RAMEN!! It was delicious.

Then Paul and I walked through Kobe (and got a bit lost), then picked up a bus and went up to the Mount Rokko cable car. So cute! 

The forested area that the cable car went up through was really lush and gorgeous, and the view from the top was stunning. Kobe in the foreground, Osaka across the bay in the haze.

We went out for dinner down a little alleyway at an izakaya, where we had lots of beer and tempura. And then, bed, for 12 hours sleep. Some of our group went out and partied...I just conked out!

The next day, we had lectures at Kobe University with their MBA students, who were incredibly generous with their time, and a super interesting bunch.

The next morning, we stopped on the way to a company visit to see a temple near Kyoto, which was absolutely gorgeous. We were lucky enough to have a tea ceremony in these lush gardens.

And then tour this temple.

These are downspouts for rain - they're so gorgeous and let the rain come off the roof without putting a big ugly plastic gutter in the way.

We noticed that in museums and temples throughout there's always a designated "route" - in some art galleries the pieces are even numbered, so that you know in which order to view the art!

I loved this sign outside the temple - it seems like a good way to run your life!