Went to Japan, Part 5: Ate All The Things

The food in Japan was incredible - I loved everything I ate, except for the takoyaki (fried octopus balls, very similar to clamcakes in Rhode Island) in Osaka. Takoyucky, methinks. Oh well! (I don't like clamcakes, either.)

Here's a link that explains different types of Japanese restaurant - it was tricky dining with groups as most restaurants only do one thing (but do it incredibly well). It meant that I mostly ate by myself, but ate exactly what I wanted!

Our first meal, straight off the plane, was absolutely delicious ramen in Kobe:

Cold udon (with dipping sauce) in Kyoto:

Matcha bubble tea in Kobe, which my friend thought was absolutely disgusting but I loved:

Matcha pound cake and an iced coffee:

Our bento lunch at "school" (Kobe University). So much better than the food at Cranfield!

Conveyor belt sushi in Kobe:

Mall food court lunch in Osaka:

Kobe beef. This was the food highlight of the trip (and one of the best meals I've ever had). It was crazy expensive but worth every penny and and incredibly delicious:

I mean, seriously.

It just melted in my mouth - it was unbelievable.

Okonomiyaki and noodles in Kobe:

Bucket-list ramen in Tokyo!

Gyoza in Tokyo:

More gyoza the next day:

Plastic food in Tokyo:

Yakitori in Tokyo:

More ramen in Tokyo:

A matcha donut and iced coffee in Osaka:

Bibimbap in Osaka:

Cook-your-own-dinner (yakiniku) in Osaka:

Katsu curry in Tokyo (it was rainy and gross outside and this was the perfect comfort food:

Udon at a business cafe - it was cheap and delicious. Please bring to London. Thanks.

My last dinner was wagyu beef at the airport:

I managed to squeeze in one last sushi at the airport before we took off:

The food was amazing - I've been really missing it since I got home!