Toured Bury's Sound & Light Magna Carta Trail

To celebrate 800 years since the signing of the Magna Carta, Bury is currently running a Sound & Light Tour of the town. I went with a few choir friends last night, and thought it was quite interesting. The nights are definitely drawing in - it felt like I was going out "late" even though it was not even 7 when I left the house. Dark out!

We met at the Apex, and made our way to the Market Square (where they had some "technical difficulties"). On to the Guildhall, where we saw a familiar sight:

Then through the Norman Tower gate to the Great Churchyard:

Some of the sound and light components were slightly incongruous (O, Fortuna, followed by Barber's Adagio), but it was all quite pretty. 

The Abbey ruins were lit up (the picture I took is terrible), and in the centre was this obelisk with what looked like illustrations from local schoolchildren.

Finally, the Abbey Gate, with flames. Not sure if they're the flames of liberty (is that a thing?) or representative of the townspeople destroying the original Abbey Gate in the 13th century, but it was pretty!

The trail runs every night this week - (free) tickets are available here!