Saw the Magna Carta, Bells and Bikes

Last weekend started with a quick visit to the Magna Carta, which was making a stop in Bury St Edmunds while its home in Lincoln is being renovated. Incredibly, when they signed it in 1215 they made 4 copies, in case one was lost or damaged. 

Then, I took the Small Green Bike on an adventure to Ixworth. It was a really nice ride - bike paths like this most of the way, and country lanes the rest of the way.

This weekend: the Suffolk Guild bell ringing outing, starting in Soham and ending up in Brandon (with several other towers and a pub lunch in the middle, of course):

And finally, a break in the clouds at the finish line of the Women's Tour of Britain. Zoom!


  1. I so need to get back to cycling - been a long time. Also Thank you for your suggestion, do you have a recipe for the Rhubarb and Vanilla Jam?


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