Voted And Applied For A British Passport

Now that I am a genuine garden-variety Brit (still practicing my Suffolk accent), I have applied for my British passport. I've had my are-you-really-you interview (which was like a very bizarre one-sided first date with an extremely inquisitive person), and am now waiting for my passport. Woot, and fingers crossed, and all that.

As a result of my new Britishness, I am now also allowed to vote. Needless to say, I did NOT vote for the utterly revolting Nigel Farage (link is to a very interesting NYT profile from a few weeks ago). I was unreasonably pleased with myself for voting. I remember being very excited to vote for the first time (I think it must have been in Maine in the 2000 elections), and it was just as excellent, if slightly more low-tech, voting here. None of this hanging chads business or big retro New York voting machines the size of small cars, just a piece of paper, a pencil tethered to a desk, and a big X in the preferred box. Not the UKIP box. I can just imagine Farage's reaction: bloody immigrants...we let them into the country and then they don't even vote UKIP!