Bought a Cambridge Satchel

I'd been coveting a Cambridge Satchel for ages (um, years), and almost bought one with some birthday money back in November. Circumstances meant that I didn't, and then that I was Mad At Cambridge (the business school in particular, and the town in general).

I am happy to report that after an excellent Adventure Day with my newly re-Cambridged buddy Alison, I am no longer mad at the city itself. (I reserve the right to hold a grudge against the business school for a while longer).

We had an excellent, if short, adventure day, with shoe shopping, dim sum, bubble tea, and a visit to the Cambridge Satchel Company. There, we found the satchel in the perfect colour, as part of their brand new collection that had only just been released. Obviously, this was why I wasn't supposed to buy a satchel back in November.

Why yes, of course I had it monogramed. What a silly question.

It came in an awesome bag.

Which contained ANOTHER awesome bag.

Which contained the FINAL awesome bag. It's slightly smaller than my previous bag which means that if I'm reading an enormous book (I'm taking to you, The Goldfinch with your 784 pages) then I may need to make alternative arrangements.

In case you didn't notice, their logo just happens to exactly match my bicycle. See?


  1. Oh man. I bought mine too soon. It came neither with the dust cloth nor the metal emblem. Can't wait for you to visit NY so we can wear ours together!

  2. And it matches your car and Bean coat....


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