Knit 2 Pair of Mittens and Started my MBA Sweater

I have a friend at work whose husband works on the US airbase nearby. We bartered a pair of fingerless mittens (knit by me) for a box of Coconut Dreams cookies (bought by her on base).

I think I came out ahead. YUM.

Mittens ravelled here.

I then realised that I did not have a knitting project for my NY trip. Shock horror. One cannot arrive at Heathrow for a transatlantic flight with no knitting. I had a bit of wool left over from my famous Puffin Sweater, so I decided to see if I could eek out a pair of snawpaws. The answer is yes, but barely. I had about 2 metres of the navy left at the end, which is why the thumbs are in white. Phew.

Ravelled, here.

And then, Santa brought me the yarn to make Kate Davies' Epistrophy sweater from her new Yokes book. I've reversed the colours from her pattern (grey as the main colour, cream as the contrast) and will be making a jumper rather than a cardigan, as I'm pathologically afraid of steeking AND I'm much more likely to wear a jumper.

This is going to be an excellent MBA sweater, since once I get going it's just miles and miles of stockinette stitch in the round. Perfect for the Friday Night Not Studying But Watching TV But Still Wishing To Feel Productive times.

Ravelled, here.

In MBA news: we start in less than two weeks and it's suddenly feeling very real. WOOHOO!