Disappeared to the US for Two Weeks

It was decided that I had Nothing To Prove by staying in the UK by myself for Christmas (although I DID have the day all planned out, mostly revolving around the BBC, my favorite food, and Champagne).

Anyway, after a cracking Christmas concert on the 20th of December, I drove down to Heathrow and set off the next morning for NY.

Dim Sum in Chinatown:

The Cliff Walk in Newport:

Caution, flying squirrels?

Walking with the dogs on Second Beach with this lawnmower-kite contraption overhead:

Lazy breakfasts at Green Eggs:

A positively arctic ferry ride from New London to Orient Point on New Year's day (the crossing was labelled as "rough" by the ferry company and took 40 minutes longer than scheduled due to the high winds):

And a jaunt into the city to see the Morgan Library.

Now back, and reading my Accounting book before school starts. Lucky me.