Knit A Cushion Cover

I saw this cushion cover kit on the Herdy website and HAD to have it. I'd say it's slightly overpriced for what it is (£30 for 3 balls of yarn and the pattern), but it was a fun little knit. It was also a really nice break after knitting with fine yarn on very small needles - it's a chunky yarn and it really zipped along. I stalled somewhat after seaming, before finishing the face on the front, but it's all done now.

The only thing they don't specify is the pillow-insert size - it seems slightly too small for a standard pillow.

I'm not a huge fan of seams, so I knit the whole thing in one piece and worked part of the pattern upside-down.

Peeking out at the back:

Here it is, on the chair! I bought a standard-sized pillow insert but it really didn't fit, so I've used one that's a few years old and quite flattened. Works pretty well although there's a gap at the back. I may add buttons if I'm feeling energetic, otherwise I'll just leave it as is.