Saw Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

To declare something that will surprise absolutely no-one: I love Harry Potter. I was a bit obsessed in college, and read the books over and over.

When I heard about the new play, I was excited, but figured it would be too hard to get tickets.


Charlie's eldest daughter is excellent at finding Cool Things To Do, and somehow managed to buy tickets for all of us over a year ago. It's definitely the most in-advance I've ever scheduled a theatre trip.

In the grand scheme of #keepthesecrets, I won't share any plot (although you can buy the script if you're that interested).

The plays were excellent, the actors were perfect, and it really was magical - there was quite a bit of stage magic and the staging and lighting were really effective.

If you can possibly get tickets, go!

Now, we're just waiting for Hamilton to come to London!