Finished Term 1 of the MBA

Today, I handed in my last assignment for Term 1 of the MBA. I thought I'd feel a lot more excited - it was a little bit anti-climactic. Now for 5 weeks of Summer Vacation (while still working full-time).

Last week, I was at school with my cohort, taking exams, going to class, and getting our asses kicked by a Project Management simulation. By the numbers:

Days at school: 9
Exams: 3
Cricket matches watched: 0.5 (I now sort of understand the fundamentals)
Naps in the grass: 1
Afternoons curled up in the library working while watching the rain come down in sheets: 1
Curries: 3
Togas: 3
Dinners out with my Learning Team (or variants of): 4
Fire alarms in the middle of the night: 1
Nights working past midnight: 2
Kilometers run: 20.5 (across 4 runs)
5k PBs: 2 (hello, Ministry of Defense)
Presentations: 1
Gantt Charts: 2
Rolls of masking tape used: 2
Replicas of the Aquatics Centre Roof built (in Exeter): 1 (late and £20M over budget)
Pints of beer: um...several?

An excellent time was had by all. And now, to catch up on all the tv/movies/internets/books that I missed over the past 6 months. Going to start with the rest of Sherlock, The Zimmerman Telegram and Inside Out.

Recommendations gladly taken!