Adventured in East London

My friend Alison is an excellent adventure buddy. We aim to Do Fun Stuff wherever we go, and so when she suggested a London Adventure Day I was totally on board.

We booked tickets to The View from The Shard, and it was excellent. Not too crowded, really knowledgable docents, and a stupendous view. Good job, London.

I tilt-shifted St Pauls. Not a model; the real thing with my excellent Canon S95.

The sky was stupendous:

And London was incredible spread out at our feet.

It made the Eye seem rather small.


Part two of our Adventure Day was a street art bike tour of East London. I found it on TripAdvisor and thought it sounded like fun. It WAS fun, and really interesting - I highly recommend it! Our guide was super-nice and really interesting, and we really learned a lot.

Super-cute folding bikes:


A Banksy:

Incredible plaster art:

One of my favourites:

Da bikes:

Brick Lane selfie:

A tiny dragon atop a parking pole:

This was my favourite of the tour, by Stik:

Closely followed by this one:

We then had a delicious food cart dinner surrounded by tame Hipsters (skewered lamb, broccoli, sweet potatoes, a cabbage slaw, yogurt sauce, and a mountain of dukkah - SO tasty). 

And then the train back to the sticks.

When do I get to move to London?