Walked (and walked) through London

One of my New York friends emailed a few weeks ago to say she'd be in London for a few days, and organised a meet-up of several of her friends living in the UK. I decided to take an actual Day Off and spend the day in London and make a mini-vacation of it.

Friday I treated myself to If I Stay on the kindle, which I...um...finished reading by lunchtime. Oops. Thank goodness for sequels (also excellent, by the way).

I met a friend for lunch, and then headed off on a somewhat drizzly walking tour. I think my citizenship might be in danger of revocation, as I went to London without an umbrella. My punishment may actually have been the fact that I was rained on all bloody afternoon. We'll see.

Anyway, despite the drizzle, the walk was pretty:

The meet up was at the somewhat boondocks-located East London Liquor Company. The cocktails were delicious, though, and we had a good time!

Note the hipster credentials: filament lightbulbs.

On Saturday morning, I walked through Borough Market and up to Liverpool Street (it was quite a meander...I'd hit 10,000 steps by 11am).

Inspired by Jane Brocket, here are some gorgeous pictures of fruit and veg.

A sculpture near Tower Bridge:

And a teddy, near Tower Bridge.

The bridge itself:

And then it was off to rehearsal in Finchley, for our upcoming War Requiem concert. There are still a few tickets available, if you're interested!