Visited the Pakenham Water Mill

Last Sunday I took a break from studying and went on a blustery walk through Ixworth and Pakenham.

For reasons known only to themselves, these geese were all sitting in a field, facing the same direction. As you do.

I've been past the Pakenham Water Mill on multiple occasions, but this was the first time it's ever been open.

We decided to visit, and it was quite interesting, once we established that the tour was included in the admission price and required. 

"Do you want a tour?" 
"No, just admission, please." 
"Oh. You need to take the tour." 
"Oh, ok, how much extra is it?" 
"It's included with your admission."


We were alarmed by this machine...apparently no midgets were harmed.

Something Constable could have painted, perhaps?