Started my MBA!

I have never worked so much in my entire life. I arrived at Cranfield last Thursday to start their ExecMBA (no.1 in the world for Leadership and no.2 for Economics, to brag just a little). 

We were told by our orientation team that this would be the Hardest Week Ever, and they were right. 8 hours of lectures every day, enormous piles of reading, case studies, and homework, and a really concentrated soup of team-building. (We did also make some time for fun, usually at the expense of sleep!)

There are 47 of us on the programme, about half from the MOD and the other half "civilians," and there are 7 other women. I think the youngest person is 26 and the oldest is about 50.

It really reminds me of undergrad - it's a bubble where there's always someone to eat/drink with, you work REALLY hard and then play hard, and then emerge, blinking, back into the "real world." I have my student ID and a huge pile of work to do, but they're pretty much the only things at the moment to remind me that it wasn't all just a huge crazy dream!