Compared Girl Scout Samoas with Keebler Coconut Dreams

This review is brought to you with help from my friend Hannah at work - her husband works on the US airbase and she is AMAZING in terms of bringing random "oh my gosh you can't get that here!" treats.

So. A few months ago, I asked if she could snag some Girl Scout cookies once they started selling them. She asked me which kind I liked, and I said Samoas, all the way.


Anyway, her husband apparently suggested the Keebler Coconut Dreams as a good substitute, and she brought me a box. Which I thoroughly tested and found to be excellent.

However, I had one cookie left, and the Girl Scouts are now up and running with their cookie sales.

Here, for your reading pleasure, is my comparison of the two. 

I am apparently not the first person to do this. Just so you know - I'm writing this review BEFORE I read what the masses think.

First off: out of the box.

The Samoa is on the left and the Keebler cookie is on the right (in all tests...I'm doing an MBA, remember?)

The Samoa chocolate was noticeably thicker and darker across the top, and the coconut chunks seem slightly larger. (However, I'm not sure that a sample size of 1 cookie is actually statistically significant.) Just realised that I should have weighed them. I didn't. Oh well.

I cut the cookies in half. The Samoa has thicker chocolate and slightly less cookie, and slightly more caramel (and is overall taller). The caramel also seems to have a clearly-defined channel.

Cookie pile-up! Time for some eating. The darker chocolate on the Samoa meant that it was slightly less sweet than the Keebler cookie, I thought. The Keebler cookie may have been at a slight disadvantage for being a few months was a little crumblier.

Overall winner: ME! I got to eat all the cookies! 

Oh, wait, you wanted a winner between the cookies? Oh. Right. The Samoa came out slightly ahead in terms of taste, but the Keebler gets bonus points for being available year-round.