Went to the Snape Proms

One of my choir friends invited me to the Britten-Pears Young Artists Program performance of Monteverdi's Poppea.

Not only had I never been to a concert at Snape, but I'd never seen Poppea performed. I've heard snippets (since it's basically a Music History Turning Point when Monteverdi Invents Opera), but had never seen it all the way through.

I sailed with EAST all day, then showered and changed at the marina, picked up Susan from the station, and zipped over to Snape.

It was a gorgeous evening.

We had supper at the cafe, including a very delicious bottle of Aspall's Festival of Britten cyder.

Then we went for a walk through the reeds.

We settled into the World's Most Uncomfortable Seats for a very long but truly wonderful performance. The orchestra was excellent, and the singers were really outstanding. Some of the staging was a little odd, but overall it was a really enjoyable performance.