Went to the Bury Food & Drink Festival

I took the green bicycle into town today, to get my eyes tested (all fine, new glasses on the way) and to check out the Bury Food & Drink Festival. I'd never been before - I imagine in previous years we were sailing!

There were quite a few stalls, scattered around the town. There was a farmer's market on Angel Hill, food and demos in the market square, and a "beach" in the Arc. It was pretty well attended, although there were quite a few stalls with somewhat forlorn looking sellers. I had a duck & plum sauce wrap for lunch, and it was rather tasty.

I also bought some sourdough, a chocolate croissant for tomorrow morning's breakfast, and some french goat cheese. The goat cheese suffered slightly on the rather bumpy ride back up the hill, but I'm sure it'll taste fine. One of the things I love about living by myself is that there is Nobody To Complain if I want to fill the fridge with stinky cheeses. And then eat said stinky cheeses. Win.

Oh, look, the Union Flag. I can't help it - I still get new-citizen goosebumps.

The festival runs through tomorrow if you're in the neighborhood!