Ate Supper At Brasserie Blanc

I'm a little bit obsessed with Raymond Blanc. I think he's hilarious on TV, and while his food tends to be too cheffy for me to attempt at home, it always looks truly delicious. I also love his undying certainty that despite all his Michelin stars and awards and everything else, his mother is a much better cook.

I found myself in Milton Keynes on Saturday night, so took myself out to Brasserie Blanc for supper.

I also happen to be reading a silly YA novel (based in Paris), so that added to the ambiance.

I ordered the steak tartare (with frites), and a glass of the house red. The steak was delicious and the little cornichons and capers were zingy. I thought the tabasco overpowered it slightly, but the Lea & Perrins was perfect. YUM.

I was craving tarte tatin, but it wasn't on the menu, so I had the caramelised banana and chocolate mousse. Also exceedingly delicious. 

It wasn't cheap, but it wasn't terribly expensive, either, and was a very enjoyable evening.

Milton Keynes even cooperated with some gorgeous light against dark skies as I was leaving the restaurant.