Went for a walk (complete with hail!)

When my mom came to visit, we met up with my friend V. for a Nice English Country Walk followed by a Nice Pub Lunch.

Here we are, in the bird hide, escaping a somewhat epic hailstorm. Lovely. (It was also the second time in 3 days that V. and I had been precipitated on without umbrellas. That'll teach us to go outside.)

The skies clearing. Doesn't it look like a Constable painting?

A slightly hailed-upon Mom:

We ate our pub lunch too quickly to take pics. It was delish. You'll just have to take my word for it.

This, also, was delish. After inspiration from The Kitchn's rice bowls, I'd been making myself quinoa & lentil smorgabord bowls for supper. This one was after our hearty pub lunch and consisted of cold spuds (leftover from the night before), smoked trout, grape tomatoes, quinoa, puy lentils, asparagus sauteed in garlic, and feta. YUM. We finished it with a mustardy vinaigrette and ate it while watching Mary Berry cook. Bliss.

Thus fortified, we took Sm. Boy to the seaside, where he ate a heroic gastropub lunch at the British Larder and then trounced us soundly at minigolf. He's been practicing...

Ok, one final pub lunch, at the Butt & Oyster. We mis-ordered and should have had their pint 'o prawns and ended up with an exceedingly overpriced seafood platter that had some other very watery prawns (in addition to the pint 'o). Beware! The rest of it was good, though. We just felt sort of scandalised by the bill!

We even had sunshine! (I had my sunglasses in my bag, obv.)