Cooked Mary Berry's Lamb Dhansak

I've been enjoying watching Mary Berry Cooks, and I finally caved and bought the cookbook. It's been the no.1 bestseller on Amazon for weeks now. GO MARY GO!

This was the recipe that made me cave - her Lamb Dhansak. I love Lamb Dhansak. I cooked it exactly as written so I won't republish it here, except that I left the seeds in my chilli because I like things spicy. Next time I'll use more lentils (and thus more stock) to see if I can stretch it and make it lentillier. Is that a word? If not, it should be.

It was delicious. And, as Mary says, even better the next day. There are two further portions in the freezer but I'm not sharing. Muahahaha.

P.S. That's my new kitchen. The stove is RUBBISH but such is life.