Made a Pork Pie for Christmas

Shut up. Pork pie from scratch.

Questions from my relatives included:

"Is this meatloaf?"

"Is this like pate?"

"What's chutney?"

Oh, dear.

Thankfully, Gordon Ramsay was on hand. I made his Pork & Ham Pie for a choir picnic several years ago, and I remembered it fondly (despite having to eat 90% of the leftovers myself). This time, I had help. Much better. My mom's loaf tin was a bit smaller than the one called for in the recipe, so the pastry was slightly thicker than it should have been and I only managed to squeeze 5 eggs in.

I also left out the gelatin (mostly because I ran out of time), but it was still fine. I made it with italian sausage mix (hello, fennel), and completely flummoxed the butcher counter chaps by asking for 4oz of this and 6oz of that. I had originally attempted to order in grams. That went well.

Feel free to admire my festive Christmas Tree decoration.

Not a soggy bottom in sight, Paul Hollywood.

Look at that expert slicing. No fingers were harmed in the slicing of this pie. We served it with some onion chutney, and it was lovely.

P.S. No, it's not meatloaf.


  1. Your Pork Pie for Christmas was delicious, and the only disappointment was the leftovers went way too quickly. He who hesitates is lost...of a very tasty treat. (Nice photo's of the work in process, as well!)


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