Finished my Kate Davies Puffin Sweater

Updated: the sweater and I were featured on Kate Davies' blog, along with several other beautiful sweaters!

I started this sweater back in June. I ordered Kate Davies' Colours of Shetland when it came out, and I LOVE it.

The pattern was really well thought-out and super-easy to knit. I made the sleeves a bit longer than the pattern, and had to cast off the neck twice, as the first time I didn't use the stretchy cast off as suggested and couldn't get the resulting neck-hole over my head. Oops. To This Kate, for future reference: follow ALL of Kate Davies' instructions. She knows her stuff. It will save drama.

Ravelled, here.


  1. Brava! It was great seeing you. Beautiful sweater.

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    1. Great colors! And the wavy shapes are really pretty, and nautical. Well done!

  3. Congrats!! Love the colors.


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