Went to Belgium!

One of our number has moved to Belgium for work, so we had a mini-MBA reunion with a weekend in Brussels.

We met up on the Friday at the Champagne Bar at St Pancras, because why not! I loved the roof...and the champagne.

We toured the city of Mons on a very grey Saturday morning.

No idea what the lampshade garland was all about but it was definitely quirky!

And then we spent a very cold afternoon in Brussels, where we explored the city centre and then the Christmas market. Hooray for mulled wine!

Then it was back to the train to Mons, and home!

I also managed to pick up some frietsaus and some Dutch/Flemish tomato soup. I found it all rather disorienting - we were in Francophone Belgium, so I could read the signs in French, but could also recognise the Flemish as very close to Dutch.