Ate Rome!

We spent 5 days in Rome, and ate everything in sight! Our extremely cute Airbnb had a great "little black book" of restaurant recommendations from our hosts and previous guests, which led us to some really incredible meals.

Our first lunch was at a bit of a tourist trap, so was rather expensive. The food was still delicious, though!

Supper that night was supposed to be at Hannah's favourite place from her previous trip, but the restaurant had closed so we ended up at the restaurant downstairs from our flat, which was actually the most uninspiring of the trip. I tried the Roman speciality "saltimboca," which I feel no need to ever try again!

The Sunday we spent a really interesting day visiting the Colosseum, and then revived ourselves with a late lunch of pasta nearby.

For dinner that night, we took refuge at our local pizza place, Pizzeria Nerone, where Charlie and I spent probably more time than was polite watching how they shaped the dough.

And then watched as they put it in the wood-fired oven.

We managed to score reservations at La Carbonara, which was incredible. The line out the door at opening time was crazy!

The patrons draw on the walls (and I signed our names in v tiny letters).

I had the most incredible carbonara.

The next day, we ended up at the Trevi Fountain around lunchtime, and were worried about stumbling on a tourist trap so did a quick google (thank you, EU data roaming!) and found Pane & Salame. SO glad we did.

And then a final gelato:

And for our last dinner, caccio e pepe at da Enzo in our neighborhood.

This was the queue to get in when we left.

This is the size of the restaurant.

Our last lunch was at Osteria Der Belli. We'd tried to get in earlier in the week - it turns out that 12.30 on a Wednesday is slightly easier than Sunday night!

My pasta was held up waiting for ingredients (we were ahead of normal Roman lunchtime!) so they brought me a bit extra of Charlie's, which was incredible. Mushrooms with a bit of chili.

And then my actual lunch. So delicious!

I was definitely sad to leave Rome, but I'm not sure my waistline could have stayed much longer. Pizza! Pasta! Gelato! And WINE! We walked 25,000+ steps each didn't matter!