Saw the Indigo Girls (Twice!)

The Indigo Girls are my all-time favourite band. I first heard their songs at summer camp (LCFG represent!), and I will forever associate them with campfires.

Back in the winter, they announced a short UK tour, including the Cambridge Folk Festival and two gigs in London. I couldn't not go. The tickets for CamFolk were booked in short order, and I booked the second gig (their first in London) at the last minute.

Thoughts on Cambridge Folk Festival: apparently Friday 28th July was "Ladies' Day," which actually really ticked me off. Why were the women (who were excellent, by the way, particularly Wildwood Kin and Ward Thomas) relegated to the Friday? Surely they could have shared some of the headlining with the men at the weekend. Clearly, there were female-fronted acts the rest of the weekend, too, but I was really irritated by it.

Anyway, Amy and Emily (and Lucy Wainwright Roche) were outstanding as always. 

Saturday night's concert was at the Islington Assembly Hall, and we had dinner at Ottolenghi beforehand, which was absolutely delicious.

Now a few more years' wait until they come back to the UK!