Settled In To My New House

After living in a rented flat for 2 years, I started to think seriously about getting back on the housing ladder. After a somewhat meandering path, I moved in at the end of August, and have been slowly de-weird-ing the house. It has excellent bones (it was built in 1948), but has been the victim of several very unfortunate decor trends and keen but inexpert DIY over the last 60 years. 

Poor house. Stick with me and we'll sort things out.

One of the first things to go was this truly hideous ceiling light in the living room. "Operating room" is the ambiance that springs to mind.

Part of the ceiling cried "take me WITH you!" Something tells me a new ceiling is in order - most of it seems to be held up there by that hideous 1960s ceiling paper.

Much better. (Yes, it's Ikea, and yes, it was inspired by the Death Star.)

The wood panelling around the fireplace is going to be taken down, but as there are definitely worse decor issues in the house, it's not at the top of the list. The gas fireplace works and is very jolly.

I think next year I might need a bigger Christmas tree. I don't think I can cram any more decorations onto this tree.

Here's the kitchen window - the kitchen is an upcoming project, but is tolerable at the moment. I'll definitely be adding a full-sized fridge/freezer (the under-counter one is the devil), a dishwasher and a double oven. 

These little guys are keeping track of my shed keys (there are two sheds!) and the back door key.

Oh, pantry, how I love you. More shelves coming in 2017, including a spice shelf. Prepare to be amazed.

This is the back garden. It is perfectly Kate-sized, as I can mow the lawn in about 6 minutes and I HATE gardening. I have two clotheslines and enough space for the BBQ and picnic table. Result.

This is the "after" photo of the grass. The previous owner had scattered paving stones about in the grass, most of which had been covered over, presumably so she didn't get wet feet when hanging out washing in the winter? Not sure. Grass seed has been applied and it is much improved.

Finally, I ordered myself a custom house address stamp from The Small Object on Etsy. I sent her a picture of the front of the house and she turned it into a stamp. It is stupendous and I love it. Hooray, indeed.

Something tells me there will be more house posts in 2017!