Went to Malta

Continuing the Trips On My Birthday tradition (like Paris last year), Charlie and I went to Malta for my birthday. 

It's really full of history: as a strategically placed island it has been the subject of numerous takeovers throughout the centuries.

We spent our first day in Valetta, where we visited St John's Co-Cathedral, the bling-iest cathedral ever. All the decorations.

Then we went out to St Elmo's fort. I would not want to try and attack Malta from this direction.

TravelTed had his picture taken at the fort, looking back over Valetta. There are some serious fortifications - these are people who are used to being attacked over and over.

The Three Cities:

More fortifications:

On the Sunday, we went to Marsaxlokk to see the fishing boats and swim in St Peter's Pool. Brilliant.

Seriously. (And yes, I jumped in from the top of the cliffs.)

On Monday, we went to Mdina, the walled city, and had lunch overlooking the whole country (it's small).

And then on our last morning, we went on a boat trip to Comino, which was absolutely stunning.

We swam in the Blue Lagoon, saw lots of little caves and inlets, and found it hard to believe that we had to go back to the UK in the evening!