Went to Harry Potter (Again!)

In honour of the 15th anniversary of the first Harry Potter movie (which I saw on opening weekend in Leicester Square, on a weekend trip from my study-abroad in Paris), Warner Bros Studio opened up the Privet Drive set. So obviously, we went to visit.

The great hall, again.

Are we too old to go to Hogwarts?

The choixpeau:

Harry's invisibility cloak!

The Weasley's clock. Nobody's in mortal peril at the moment.

One of Professor Umbridge's proclamations:

The last time I visited, the Hogwarts Express exhibit wasn't yet open. I had seen the train when it was at the National Railway Museum in York, but it was all dolled up and dressed at WB Studios.

Best photobomb ever:

The living room of Privet Drive:

The Night Bus!

The model of Hogsmeade:

And the model of the Prefects' Bathroom. I love the stained glass!

It was excellent to visit a second time - there were so many more things that I noticed the second time around, and I didn't feel like I had to Take A Picture Of Absolutely Everything this time. Highly recommend (again).


  1. I may have to go back again - it has clearly evolved since my (first) visit, when I also fell prey to Take A Picture Of Absolutely Everything-itis.


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