Had a NYC-Inspired London Adventure Day

I woke up this morning and declared that what I really wanted to do today was go to Central Park, and then ride bikes down to Hell's Kitchen for brunch (Mexican food, please!) with my brother and his girlfriend, then ride downtown and walk on the High Line.

However, I'm in London. After a little creative thinking, we managed to have an excellent Adventure Day. The only thing missing was my brother!

We started off with a margarita (for me) and a mojito (Charlie) at Wahaca, to sort out my hankering for Mexican food.

We split a bunch of small plates, which were really delicious. 

Salmon ceviche tostadas:

Lamb tacos (today's special; not on the menu):

Feta and sweet potato taquitos:

And steak tacos.


There were also chilli quesadillas but the picture was terrible (the quesadillas were delicious)!

Finished with coffee and chilli chocolate (I gave mine to Charlie - I don't like chilli, ginger, orange, or peanut butter in chocolate).

Lime green Wahaca spoon, just because.

Also, guerrilla gardening chillies, which may have to come to Bury St Edmunds with me.

We realised that Liberty was only 5 minutes away, so took a walk over to explore. There were about a zillion scooters who had taken over the road - they were having some sort of rally. Bizarre!

I ended up buying a pink Liberty x Uniqlo bodywarmer, which made me extremely pleased.

Then we grabbed some TFL bikes and rode up to Regents Park (and around the park, because I missed the bike-drop!). Not Central Park, but the people watching was excellent and the park was just gorgeous.

It seemed like all of London was in the park.

And then had some frozen yogurt, watched a bit of cricket, and grabbed more bikes to go back to the tube and home.

We also managed to wave "hi" to Sherlock, just because!

It was a fabulously New York and London day.