Visited Hell-Fire Caves

We went to the Hell-Fire Caves for an afternoon out and they were a bit disappointing.

I thought this sign was quite incongruous. Hellfire caves, admissions, tearoom and toilets. As you do.

The entrance to the caves:

Inside, they were quite dark and dank in places, but there were random (well-lit) signs and much reference to the fact that we don't really know what the secret society of wealthy, powerful people got up to. Mostly drinking and women, by the sounds of things!

They dug caves and pretended this was the river Styx. And made fake stalactites.

However, post-caves, we climbed the hill to the folly, and the church. Excellent.

The family plot:

And a very cool ball at the top of the church tower:

A kite:

And the gorgeous view: