Cooked Chicken Curry

Charlie and I gave each other a cooking class for Christmas, the "Chicken Ruby Murray" class at the Waitrose Cookery School at Kings Cross. It was an evening 2-hour class so I worked from our London office for the day, which made things easier.

Other than the fact that the school was impossible to find (thank you, Waitrose, for sending the wrong postcode), we had a super evening.

Prosecco on arrival:

Then we dove in to cooking. We had two chefs teaching us (there were about 20 people) and they had prepped most of the spices and other ingredients. We just had to make the curry paste, fry it with the marinated chicken, and then add the tomatoes and stock and other yummy stuff. The knives were excellent and made me realise I have to keep mine sharp!

Here's one of our instructors, instructing:

We made our own flatbread, which was incredibly easy - I think it actually took less time than heating up a naan from the freezer.

Here's the finished article - it was really delicious and I picked up a few good tips. Our fellow students seemed to have a wide range of cooking experience, and there were quite a few couples and a surprising number of guys on their own.

At supper I sat next to a newly married couple who had been given the cooking class as a wedding present. They were proudly declaring that they both cook at home and "offer constructive comments." Good luck with that, guys!

Being Waitrose/John Lewis, all the equipment was very snazzy and all the ingredients had come from the store. I was skeptical about using tomatoes in January but they actually cooked down quite nicely (although I'll probably use tinned when making it next time).

Highly recommend!