Finished Year 1 of the MBA!

Oh dear.

Exams appear to have eaten my life.

Scratch that. Cranfield Exec MBA Term 2 ate my life. A residential week in September, then every other weekend at school in addition to a trip to Paris and 10 days in Istanbul, followed by a Finance take-home and an Economics take-home, followed by 4 exams over a weekend. Followed by a week of work and then a Christmas concert.

I. Am. Done.

Well, not exactly. I'm done with Year 1 (I know, I just started, that's not possible, etc), and Year 2 starts up on January 8th. Hopefully there will be more time for blogging? Maybe?

Right now, all I want to do is sleep. And maybe read a novel or watch some tv. As apparently those things have carried on in my absence. Oh, and knit some mittens and finish off the baby quilts for the babies who were born seven months ago and maybe knit some little fun stuff for some other assorted new arrivals!

Oh, and write a paper on change management, and do some prereading.

I love it, really!