Went on an Exchange Trip to Istanbul

I had the opportunity to go on an exchange program for ExecMBA students, through the EMBA Consortium, and I jumped at the chance to go to Istanbul! Our program was with Sabancı University, and it was utterly fascinating. (Also: my spelling of Sabancı is not a typo; the "ı" character is pronounced "uh") 

I'm still digesting everything we learned, but I'll start you off with a few pictures!

From the Grand Bazaar:

The Blue Mosque:

Inside Topkapı Palace:

At the mile post from which all locations in the Ottoman Empire were measured:

By the numbers:

Baklava: 3 portions

Turkish tea (çai, pronounced "chai"): at least 50 cups. In classrooms, on a ferry, at breakfast, at a hamam, at lunch, and after dinner. Also, they don't put milk in it. WIN!

Turkish coffee: approximately 10 cups. The only coffee options in Turkey seem to be delicious proper Turkish Coffee and Nescafe. UGH.

Water pipe: 1 (shared)

Mosques visited: 7 (I think...I lost count)

Museums: 4

Ferry trips: 3

Kebabs: 4

Site visits: 3

Mavi Jeans bought: 3 pair (for research purposes, obviously)

More to follow!