Dove back in to the MBA

I had a rather glorious "summer vacation" this year - there's nothing like school letting out to make you actually appreciate the lack of constant homework!

We're back to it now - we had a weekend of school followed 9 days later by a residential week, and on the last night we had a formal Military Ball. SO. MUCH. FUN. We had formal photos (hello, prom!) and a dinner with some really moving speeches and quite a few pranks (!). It was also really excellent to meet the WAGs (and HABs) of the people we've spent the last 10 months with.

5/6 of my learning team, dressed to the nines:

I can't believe we're already half way through Term 2. It's funny how things that seemed so daunting at the beginning (presentations, group reports, exams) now seem relatively routine. One of my friends commented that it seems like I'm now "Kate In High-Definition." More, please!