My mom and I spent a day in the city a few weeks ago, and managed several spectacular meals. The first was at Mokbar in Chelsea Market. Korean ramen for the win. We'd spent the morning at the stupendously popular China exhibit at the Met, which I thought was really interesting and well put together. The juxtapositions of the garments with their inspirations was extremely thought-provoking and I thought that it let me see both in a new light.

Anyway, korean ramen. Yum.

Later in the week, my brother and I had lunch at Mooncake. Octopus and spinach noodle salad. YUM.

And finally, I decided that my New York trip was missing some good sushi. So I took myself out for sushi supper at Wasan on East 4th because I was in the 'hood.

Pickled okra, cucumbers and daikon:

Crispy spicy tuna roll:

And a tuna rice bowl:

All extremely tasty!