Rented a Laser in Providence

Yup, I actually went sailing in Downtown Providence. The Community Boating Center in Providence was recommended to me by one of my parents' friends, and it was excellent. The Center was busy but not overcrowded, and it was extremely well-run. I was seriously impressed with the teenagers who were running the sessions. They were super-helpful and polite, and they were trained to a really high safety standard.

They teach beginners but experienced sailors can join as well - I gave them a copy of my Keelboat Instructor certificate and then had to take their "advanced" written test (which was HARD), and demonstrate that I could control the boat out on the water. After that, I filled in my sail plan and spent an exceedingly happy few hours on the water. I had such a good time the first day that I went back again for another day. Sweet!

See? It really is right in the city!

I used their Laser (with a radial rig) and I'd forgotten how much fun they are to sail. I had a good breeze and was really zooming.

I LOVE sailing with EAST, but it was so much fun to be all by myself in a boat and really not have to worry about anybody else.