Explored Bologna (guest post)

Teddy here. 

We spent the day after Ed & Kristen left exploring Bologna, including the four interconnected churches of Santo Stefano, with a beautiful courtyard. 

Kate had pizza and wine for lunch - she mumbled something about Bolognesi hipsters, but I was napping so didn't catch the whole thing. 

Then, we went for a lovely walk through the streets, admiring the covered archways. 

I was flagging slightly, so had an espresso and a little cake. Both were just my size. I'm pretty little, so most food is too big. 

We enjoyed an early music concert by the students of the Schola Cantorum, and then had wine and supper at a supremely mediocre restaurant. Oops. 

Back to England on the Aerobus and RyanAir today!


  1. Writing this from Ted's perspective is pure genius! (Of course!)

  2. Glad you had a nice time Teddy.


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